Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Unleashing the Power of Integrated Threat Detection and Response

Business Challenge Without XDR

Organizations that lack an XDR strategy are more vulnerable to insider threats, ransomware attacks, and other advanced threats. The malicious actors have become increasingly sophisticated and can easily exploit organizations who do not have appropriate XDR protections in place. The best way for organizations to mitigate the risks associated with not having an XDR strategy is to invest in a comprehensive XDR solution that can be tailored to their specific needs. 

XDR in GKavach

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) in GKavach is an advanced security solution that correlates logs in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), to provide greater visibility and advanced threat detection. XDR provides a centralized view of the entire IT environment, including endpoints, network devices, applications, and cloud services, allowing for a quicker response to, and response of, suspicious activities. XDR can also be utilized to help organizations identify and respond to attacks faster, improve compliance, and reduce the risk of breaches and data loss.

Key Points

Reduce false positives, allowing security teams to focus their attention on the most critical threats first.

Improve the accuracy of threat detection by combining data from multiple sources, allowing it to more accurately detect incidents before they become major security issues.

Provide greater visibility into threats, improving response times and allow security teams to respond more quickly and efficiently to incidents.

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