Network Monitoring

Ensuring Network Visibility and Threat Detection with Cutting-Edge Monitoring Technologies

Business Challenge

Without a network monitoring system in an organization, it can be difficult to identify potential issues before they become major problems. This can lead to unexpected and costly outages, as well as security breaches that can damage your business’s reputation and finances. Additionally, without a network monitoring system, it is difficult to ensure that the network is performing optimally, as the performance of the network can suffer due to a lack of visibility into the components. Finally, without a network monitoring system, it can be difficult to ensure compliance with regulations, as the lack of visibility can lead to violations that may result in significant fines.

Network Monitoring​ in GKavach

GKavach is a secure network monitoring solution from Greentick that provides visibility, detection and security for networks of all sizes. It offers advanced network monitoring capabilities such as real-time alerting, traffic analysis, device and user identification, and more. With GKavach, you can easily track and monitor traffic on your network, detect anomalies, and identify and block malicious activities. 

Key Points

Detect potential security threats before they cause harm to the network.

Maintain network uptime by identifying and resolving issues that cause network downtime.

Provides valuable data and insights into network performance, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about network design and planning.

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