Identity & Access Analytics (IAA)

Securing Identities and Access through Advanced Analytics

Business Challenge Without I&AA

Businesses are facing challenges for not having Identity & Access Analytics  due to several factors. One of the main challenges is the lack of visibility into user activity. As a result, businesses have difficulty enforcing their security policies, as they cannot identify which users are accessing which resources or if they have the appropriate level of access. Similarly, without IAA businesses often struggle with compliance, as they cannot prove that their systems are properly secured or that their security policies are being enforced.

I&AA in GKavach

I&AA in GKavach proactively identify security issues and potential threats by tracking user access, monitoring privileged users and their activities, and pinpointing anomalous or malicious behaviors. It allows organizations to identify anomalies and develop preventive measures to minimize potential risks. IAA also helps organizations better understand who has access to their systems, what credentials are being used, and what users are accessing which systems. Additionally, IAA enables organizations to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and accurately, providing real-time visibility into critical components of their security posture.

Key Points

Provide an enterprise-wide view of all of the user activities occurring within the organization.

Ensure regulatory compliance and auditability, as they provide a comprehensive audit trail of user activity.

Let organizations gain real-time insights into user behavior, as well as detect and prevent insider threats.

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