PAM (Privileged Access Management)

Solution to manage and secure privileged access to sensitive systems and data

Business Challenge Without PAM

Nowadays, the most significant risk for any organization is the potential for a data breach. Businesses without PAM are at risk of experiencing system downtime or significant delays in everyday operations. Without the proper security measures in place, attackers can exploit system vulnerabilities and cause unplanned outages.

Businesses can also experience a lack of transparency. Without a PAM system, there is no way to determine who has access to certain resources and data. This can lead to data loss, malicious activities, and other security issues.

PAM in GKavach

PAM in GKavach provides advanced access control, real-time monitoring and alerting, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Gkavach allows organizations to securely manage, monitor and audit all privileged accounts across their entire IT infrastructure without requiring administrators to manually update passwords or manage access rights.

Key Points

Enhanced visibility into an organization’s privileged user accounts.

Ensures improved auditing and reporting of privileged user activity.

Enables organizations to automate access requests, review and approval processes, and enforce least privilege access policies.

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